Prophet Ibrahim (The Friend of Allaah) – Part 2 – The Sacrifice

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Elsewhere in the Qur’an, Ibrahim (Pbuh) wanted to know
How Allaah (Ta'ala) gives life back to the dead
So Allaah ordered Ibrahim to take 4 birds,
Cut & scatter their bodies on hilltops overhead
Ibrahim called onto the birds and they flew towards him
In their normal form, head, feet & wings, imbed

Later, from Babylon Ibrahim migrated to Syria
Accompanied by cousin Lut (Pbuh) & Sarah, Ibrahim’s wife
Who at the time could not have any children
But later received good news in her elderly life

Ibrahim & Sarah travelled to several places in the Holy land
And soon came across another tyrant ruler
This ruler came to know how beautiful Sarah was
And attempted to commit evil with her

But Sarah made ablution and prayed to Allaah
For His Only protection
So the ruler had an epileptic fit (thrice)
Unable to make any more progression (towards her)

Thinking that his guard bought him a Shaytan
Instead of a human
The ruler gave Sarah a slave girl called Hajra
Who later married Ibrahim as Sarah still had no children

Ibrahim prayed to Allaah
To give him children among those righteous
Thus Allaah gave Ibrahim glad tidings of a son
Who like his father would be forbearing and pious

This son was named Ishmael (Pbuh)
Born to co-wife Hajra,
Shortly Allaah ordered Ibrahim
To take them both to an empty desert called Bakka

Ibrahim was commanded to leave them
So Hajra and baby Ishmael were all alone
Last of the dates and water had finished
Baby Ishmael started to cry and moan

In desperation Hajra ran to the mountain hilltops
Searching for anyone that comes by
In total she ran 7 times between the hills
To their aid, Angel Gibreel descended from the sky

Returning to Ishmael
Hajra beseeched help from the Most High
Suddenly a spring of water gushed forth from the ground
Where Ishmael had kicked it nearby

A small caravan was driving by close
And saw some birds circling the spring water
They decided to settle down there
Thus the city of Makkah was born thereafter

Later, Ibrahim saw a dream,
For him came the most difficult test
That he had to sacrifice his only son
But Allaah is the one who knew best

Shaytan attempted to stop them
Wanting both father and son to fail
But Shaytan was chased away with stones
His twisted lies did not prevail

Ishmael, being a young boy at the time
Agreed to the sacrifice indeed
So when Ibrahim was about to carry out the order
Allaah replaced a ram instead, with them He was very pleased

Because their love for Allaah proved greater
For them lies the great reward,
The promised reward of the hereafter

To be Continued… (Insha-Allaah)

~~SparkaPoet (Shohima Abdul Rahman) 03/01/2011~~

Pbuh = Peace be upon him
Ta’ala = Most High

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