Prophet Ibrahim (The Friend of Allaah) – Part 4 – The Strangers

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A long time had passed,
Both Ibrahim (Pbuh) and Sarah were old,
Sarah still had no children
Though later some news were to unfold

Strange men from out of town
Came to visit Ibrahim
So he hurried to bring them food
But they didn’t look very keen

They had something else on their mind
And Ibrahim became frightened
The strangers revealed they were Angels
With great news that would enlighten

Telling Sarah that she would bear a child,
And from him a grandson,
Sarah laughed excitedly,
Wondering at the Power of the Al-Mighty One

She asked, “How can I have any children,
As I and my husband are old?”
But by Allaah’s Qalam (Pen),
This is how the future was foretold

Angels also brought to him other news
That they were coming to destroy a town
Later, to be narrated-
Why Allaah brought the people down!

But Ibrahim’s cousin Lut (Pbuh) was there
So Ibrahim became concerned,
Angels reassured Lut’s family will be saved
Except his wife, as away from Allaah she turned!

So later Sarah had her son Ishaaq (Pbuh)
And from him came another!
Narrated in Al-Qur’an
Each one a Prophet, a Messenger and a brother!

To be continued… (Inshaa-Allaah)

~~SparkaPoet (Shohima Abdul Rahman) 25/10/2011~~

Pbuh = Peace be upon him

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