RokhNahi's Anniversary at Twenty Three - On Their Satellite to Mercury!

Submitted by : Najwa Kareem on Romantic

In the Nahi house, they wed in nineteen ninety seven
Chilly and brisk on an Autumn day,
it was hard to know it on the inside,
their faces glowing like that of heaven

Rokh & Nahi, looking of young Hollywood,
a beauty in a photo
resembling one of Nahi's mom and pop's,
my sister figuring it would
No thought in their guests' minds,
this is not going good

Intimate, lively, and buzzing the atmosphere,
People happily conversing, many one on one
I overheard big brother joking with Nahi about you're gonna get some

I wonder now what were the parents, one of Rokh's high in the skies
as they witnessed the coming together of their daughter and their son
Echoing Grand Nahi,
Bryan would say,
You're not two people
Now, you are one

In these modern times,
many married couples don't last
because of their self centeredness and superficiality
Hopefully in each other,
RokhNahi have found peace and tranquility,
not to mention, namaste

This twosome's souls,
sweet as Nokesville's Pumpkin Pie
and that I can assure you, is the truth and no lie
A wedded pair I can understand
because their love is still saying,
Yes, we'll make it land

Like the communion between lovely, white doves,
I'm guessing in their rural nest,
there's little push and shove
Mr. & Mrs. a many years,
one tarot card's telling
a contentful matrimony with few tears

Surely in their twenty three year span,
they've been tempted to eat from the forbidden tree
with all of its lustful allure and ornaments calling Rokh or Nahi
Their commitment to God stronger than their commitment to each other
has kept them from dropping to a level of single me,
and Wow, from falling, two apples quickly from the tree

Twenty three years, I'll always be right there
Two kids later,
we think they'll make it to their rocking chairs

Happy Anniversary, onward to planet Mercury
These going strong astronauts are traveling fast,
Allah willing, they'll continue moving on full blast

RokhNahi twenty three,
a long standing he & she
The road to their future
is complementary, free
and for happily ever after now,
each toast to we

By: Najwa Kareem

*RokhNahi's twenty three year marriage and fond memories of their wedding inspired me to write this poem!

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