Salat is Better than Sleep

Submitted by : Hamza on Salaat

Salat is better than sleep
Salat is better than sleep
I hear this as my phone sings

Salat is better than sleep
and better then food that I eat
yet I struggle to get on my feet

Sleep is better than Salat
Sleep is better than Salat
thats what I hear but it is not me who speaks
The Ummah of Muhammad (SAW) sleep

rather then pray what has been ordained
may Allah forgive our mistakes which are grave
the birds tune I hear, praising their lord
but my sisters snore forgetting about their lord

I struggle to wake and make wudhu ever so slowely
but I am now ready
off the the mosque now since I'm ready
with my father by my side
I'm off to the mosque now

even the hypocrites attended fard salats in the mosque
so what am I if I do not pray in the mosque
Salat is better then Sleep
As-Salatu khairoon minna noum

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