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By Imran Ali

I feel myself leave this place,
As I stare down to the Earth,
And the world fades to nothing.
To the sunrise, I face,
My surroundings lose their worth,
A feeling beyond wording. 

I raise my hands and call,
A call of exaltation,
Words that have echoed through the ages.
My arms relax and fall,
And fold in preparation,
As I speak the words of ancient sages. 

Motionless, I stand,
My pulse and breathing, calm,
I have departed from this time and space.
Desire for this land,
And the money in one's palm,
Seem nothing, nothing worth the chase. 

I bow to the East,
My face parallel with the soil,
To which, one day, I will return. 
I stand and face the East,
My hands released from their coil,
I gaze upon His creation, with no concern. 

My body descends to the ground,
My forehead and nose press to it's warmth,
My end beneath me, above it I wait.
Motionless, I exalt, to be found,
By He who provides me with warmth,
To Him, I bow and prostrate. 

I sit on the Earth that supports me,
For I am unworthy; if I stand, I will fall,
I sit, I submit, as my duty. 
I raise my finger in testimony,
To the oneness of He whom I call,
And His greatest creation, oh his beauty.

I turn my head to my right,
I turn my head to my left,
Each time, wishing peace. 
The world returns to my sight,
And I sit there, bereft,
As the worldly desires will never cease. 

But at this moment, I sit to atone,
With a brother by my side, the same mission,
And a hundred more all around. 
I am comforted, for I know I'm not alone,
We have all made this decision,
With Submission, I hope to be found.

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