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God is the cardinal creator
He is the generous giver
He can rise a dead to life, being the grantor
He can create a thing that existed never

He gave what you have
He knows whatever you know
Your deeds drive Him to decide what to give
As you deserve, He does sow

From you, He has nothing to get
He may test you before giving
To test your devotion, test He may set
To adjudge your faith and to ordain your living

Divine dream driven to sacrifice his dearest son
Candid command relates, not to a materialistic thing
One that can’t be a supplant or substitute being beyond season
Rather very well one, from his own being

Being the one and only son,
who was born of the Spirit, by the will of God
for a centenarian father, with a divine reason
as Abraham always adored Allah, for the overall good

Yet his faith on God as the Judge of the universe, was not weaken
Nor he took it as the biggest bitter pill to swallow
His trust over Allah was not shaken
Bewildering but bemused Abraham chose his dream to follow

His wife too accepted the sacrifice, with pleasure
She knows him as a man of noble character and an ‘apostle of Allah’
He was obedient to Allah and upright by nature
He never knows then, he too shall stay in history as messiah

Farewell kiss in the forehead of son, she gave
Son too set forward amusingly unto the altar
Execution was about to happen but Allah intervened to save
To proclaim the faith of Abraham as an ever shining star

This a terrific trial to test the deepness of devotion
Act of Abraham is an exemplary example of selfless surrender
Upholds the unity and understanding of a family, with a mention
Obedience to God opens gates of riches, grace, kindness and wonder!

His firm faith is famed as the holy ‘Muslim festival of sacrifice’
Eid-ul-Adha ever confirms that God unfailingly rewards those who do right
Faithful obedience to God like Hazrat Abraham, is suffice!
Even in dark and dungeon, God shall give you then, hope and sight!!

Above Poem is adapted from the eBook "BIRD OF PARADISE AND OTHER POEMS" by Mr.V.MUTHU MANICKAM. Copyrights reserved.

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