The Children

Submitted by : Little Mary on Childeren

God has given me life,
from the husband and loving wife,
They cry in happiness of this creation,
blessed enough to have good children.

Made from clay,we were crafted,
beautifully and safely in our dear mother's womb,
Our mother that was made for child birth-as a stronger gender,
and that is why we are told to love our mother's tender.

Our fathers, loving and hard-working,
from God's will to be our family leader,
Day and Night of hard earning,
and blessed from God to have us infants.

We, the children of parents
which was crafted by God,
Respect and believe them as we shall easy their jobs.

Made from God indeed.
but God has blessed us with,
a chance to prove HIM with our free will,

Remember also,
God controls every leaves that fall,
and if you were misled ,
it was weak faith and All-Mighty God's will,

So understand our purpose in life well,
or your gates to paradise will turn into hell.


>>Little Mary

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