The Fourteen Stars of Banu Hashim

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The Fourteen Stars of Banu Hashim
Are the brightest of constellations
And, with the Prophets before them
Are the best of creation

The sky rejoices saying “I saw these stars”
The earth rejoices saying “I was blessed with each of their footsteps”
The sun and moon say “They gave me light”
And water was blessed by touching their lips

But to this day water weeps that a time came
When it couldn’t quench this family’s thirst
But how will water quench the thirst of such a pure, pious family
Whose only thirst is nearness to Allah
And serving those around them

Even when drenched in blood and tears,
They are illuminated with divine light
And if people don’t love them as they should
This does not reduce His love for them

The Creator chose this family to establish the true religion
And to the end of time – and beyond
He will send his blessings on them.

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