The flip side

Submitted by : muslimhero on Childeren

War has the triumph of doom,
Undecent crisis of fight shall loom,
A way has become for people to loot,
Everyone lures for a gun and a boot,
To defend and secure tight his family,
Stories of scattered organs begin suddenly,
And be it someone's caretaker sadly,
Huh i sit undisturbed currently,
The orphan child cries out loudly,
But i assumed not hearing totally,
He is left unattended lonely,
But i remain pampered seriously,
No affection ran down my face undoubtedly,
Instead i frown the news wickedly,
Wish it was never said openly,
Orphan child suffers death outrageously,
Huh i sighed a relief courageously,
But orphan child still exist publicly,
There is another and another mannerly,
This time no courage do i have strongly,
To continue to chase assumptions uselessly

Orphan child i fly to your side spiritualy,
I wish you could see my feelings psychologicaly,
Kneeling beside you dusting your hair gently,
Wedging your back agaisnt my chest softly,
But all the while i remained in my room horribly,
Sharing the burden of your misfortune equally.

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