The forgotten few

Submitted by : umm-kalthum on Childeren

I am the forgotten piece of the Muslim ummah
To give even half a date was the prophets Sunnah
Out of hope i reach out my hand
So that my brother can put something other than dust and sand
I search through the mud to get even a sip of water
But the sun harshly dries it out as it gets even hotter
We were suppose to be a united nation like one
But our hearts are divided that’s why our battles are only fought but never won
Did you forget how our prophets use to treat the orphans?
Or are you waiting for us to be weak so u can sell our organs?
Ask yourself what you did for the Ummah of our prophet
Don’t let the orphans be every disbelieving person’s target
Show your love and affection to the orphans and assist them when they are thirsty
For our prophet was one of them until Allah showed him mercy

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