To Allah SWT's Decree I guarantee

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While you may find this somewhat amusing, oh those who don't believe in Allah SWT, an unsatisfactory introduction, this page is worth the bounty of praises of the Most Merciful. Specifically, the vast astounding universe clearly indicates these obvious, precious truths. These are the truths of worth. These are the truths of life. Is it not unexplainably magnificent, the very system of this universal order which Allah SWT Created, with the adequate amount of perfection in each creation He Has Willed? Such wonder and delicacy, such appropriate timings, such watchful Care. Glory be to Allah SW, the Almighty, and Praise Him, for He Created us.

The life blown miraculously into every living organism, the life sprouted as a seed of Islam to the blossoming and flower buds within. In accordance, we shall plant and grow our belief the exact similar way; only this way, Allah SWT Will never Cause the belief to shrivel up. It may be one of the only things of this barren earth which can last forever within His Decree. The vast, amounting skies,untwinkling order in balls of gases, colors stricken everywhere, painted onto the pitch-black universe. May Allah SWT's Prophet s.a.w. be rested in peace. His hadith of a Muslim as a palm tree's characteristics are undoubtedly correct, for he, along with all of the others, was a Prophet of Allah SWT, and thew last one to remind all of us from the truth that these wondrous mirackes were and are and always will be the Wills of Allah SWT, the Most Powerful and Bountiful.

Jazak Allahu Khairan
for giving me these wondrous pieces
of information to me, Allah SWT

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