Tomorrow , Today and Yesterday I'm Alive

Submitted by : fazlur on Romantic

Tomorrow brings happiness for we are alive...
one day extra and not put in a book for how we use to look.

Today it brings joy for we are alive..treat your life not as toy.

I've noted it in my book..for its not how I look but how I took your message and put it on a hook..caught it fuzzy.. busy...buddy.

While this friendship may be unique and rare ,it is the only reason why I care... ,
Let it not be said that its you I caught in my snare...

Like a flower that shares its pollen to a bee on the buzz thanks for allowing me to nurse those wounds without any fuss.

Like the fish that took to the hook,for it followed the worm and didn't care for how it looked, so please also note this in your book:a weapon of a believer is DUA:
" Allah grant us blessing in Rajab and Shabaan and let us enjoin the blessing of Ramadaan"

?So remember my family and I on the blessed nights to follow while we are still alive to share the memories of yesterday.

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