Truth Shall Be Spoken

Submitted by : murdersozzy on Youth

Peace and love is what i want to spread
i don't want to shoot, i don't want to aim
i don't want to cut off my brothers head
i rather be poor and give thanks and share bread
then be rich and miserable and live with guilt
guilty, because your greedy taking away from the needy
and all your after is cold summer nights
ending with hot girls in bikinis
sweet or sour ?
like lemon juice or kiwi
now that's freaky
but forget that and erase that
with a pile of junk
or a wall with graffiti
no running water
so you gotta take a shower in the open
now that's creepy but that's life in the slum
yet, they stand firm in the name of the lord
and pray 5 times a day with hunger and thirst
while you sip on your fine red rum
and numb your pain away from reality
but your breed, they don't take heed
and there's no time cause life is on full speed
your only use is to mislead
but with the guide of the most high
you'll be fried alongside with your followers

I say let the truth be spoken
For this is the moment its most potent


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