Under every rock and ruin

Submitted by : NoraHarti on Palestine

TALL and concrete
of walls, ceilings and floors
ALL come crashing down by a fierce huge blow
The people were buried alive and instantly they died
And did you see the little infant and the crying child?
From underneath the plaster, rock, stone and dust
Al-Hamdullilah people unearthed them while still alive
They were treated and comforted, at the least
For now orphaned and hearts gaping wide open
A life to be lead with love and joy devoid and empty

The same can be said not far off
Did you not hear of the Shrieking Murmurs?
...Something is embedded within a strong stone wall
Men dug and excavated with their gloved hands
The sound of tiny murmurings could be heard
A poor kitten trapped within!
Few minutes later the men eased out the bundle
Wrapped in a quilt was a small crying baby

And then I understood how really dumb I can be!
Oh and I thought it was just a kitten!
But in a world broken up and fragmenting
In smithereens, dust and wall chippings
It should be of no surprise
that out from a downed building
there is within its crushed walls a trapped human baby
She is lucky to have survived
Despite her face floured with all the wall-chippings

Well, what can I say? I'm just wondering!
Our world has truly gone mad
And we also now find Muslim turning on Muslim
Women weep out of bitter anguish
their weeping and grief echoes and haunts in every ruin
There is so much falsehood and cheating!

Is this the kind of world we wish to raise our kids in?
Where there is not just blue murder
But red, black, white and hot and cold-blooded murder!
How would you welcome your small chaste baby?
In a world filled with chaos and human blood?
Think how you will raise your children!
You can raise your children on fairy-tales
On whims or fantasies
And they will know of Cinderella from A to Z
Or you could teach them of the reality
To pray and protect themselves from falling prey
From becoming among the victims
of the same hurt victims we see in the news everyday

Yes! So what are you going to do now for this ummah?
There is something that can be done every few seconds..
Pray!And make duaa for them five times everyday!
A charity is a giving hand with a big, sincere heart
So also give duaa with your hearts and your hands
And be sure to weep with your eyes
Because for a loved-one lost from time-to-time
Would you not shed even a tear?

Let the giving and thinking
be the comfort and support from us to our ummah,
our family.

Inshaa'Allah ameen..


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