Waterfall of tears, by MuslimHero.

Submitted by : muslimhero on Prophet SAW

Ya rasulullah,
in receiving you my heart clover,
like petals of flower I am your lover,
it blooms,
when you descend inside it covers,
tight , so tight I feel your heart beat in me,
the rhythm is parallel to the sound of streams,
it's like having river kauthar gushing from my veins,
waterfalls of tears wallahi when I hold your dreams,
you left a messege I may not understand and dont know what it means.

You called from inside my heart in whispers,
but you I declined to see,
I have you locked in my heart for years,
but your soul distant from me,
my eyes like the hawk's its hunting and keen,
to see you over the horizon like a tender baby clean,
held tight in the mother's womb unseen,
like the way you took the abode in my heart.
The mother's womb is mercy to her child,
and thou art mercy to the whole of mankind.

Ya rasulullah,
my father's name is your name,
and my mother taught me about your fame,
Ya rasulullah,
my eyes are bloodshot in search,
my heart in pieces making up for a patch,
Ya rasulullah,
I am your invisible companion I neither felt nor saw you from a canyaon,
Ya rasulullah,
I felt the waterfall of tears,
the waterfall of tears.

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