What is a muslima?

Submitted by : Nadia Master on Muslim Woman

Oh muslima what does this mean?
She is a sister in Islam
A beauty in this ummah
Why is she different?

She's different because of her modesty,
She covers up to show dignity,
She is not shameful,
Allah is powerful, provided her with a face brightened with nuur,
She understands the power of Allah and there by covers up, 
Not because she is oppressed.
Because she is a representation of this modest and peaceful religion. 

You can mock her, 
But this will just motivate her,
It shows her what this life is for
It pushes her to fight for her place in Jannat. 

Her behaviour reciprocates her dignity,
You can give her looks,
For she will feel your stare,
Though her gaze is low
She does not care. 
She smiles.

This is a muslima,
A jewel in Islam

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