When the Storm came

Submitted by : Hamza on Romantic

When the Storm came

He was my umbrella

He protected me from misery and pain

He moved every obstacle in my path

He always told me “it will be ok insha Allaah”

When I looked, he was always there

for me

he hardly left me

He spend his time with me

He seized my fears

He strengthened my will

He removed my doubts

He raised my security

His shoulder was mine

I could depend on him

He showed up out of nowhere...

And warmed my freezing heart

Freed my trapped mind

Never broke his promise to me


He made my life bright, effortless

He made me sleep with ease, whilst the world was collapsing on me

He would have protected me from bullets

He promised he will be there

until His Owner took him back

My umbrella from the storm

Ow Allah forgive him

have mercy on him

pardon him

accept his deeds

O Allah

Expand his grave

reward him for his goodness

He lit up my heart

Allaah give him a better home than the one he lit and left

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