~Who do you think you are?~ A reply

Submitted by : Ghareeb on Youth

A poem so beautiful i read
But sadly of the black ppl she was gettin rid

Poor writer why judge a whole nation by few?
Few whom on Shaytan's footsteps stood in queue

Haven't U been or heard many countries an states?
Haven't U seen those being black an yet in Islamic stutas?

There r many through difficult an struggle
Made it out of the rubble
Who found their way
And in the path of Allah stay

I don deny among them U'll find gangs
Who their livelihood is dealing with drugs

But also lived among them Bilal an in present Sh. Khalid Yaseen
And many more that you haven't seen

Among them r soldiers of Allah, proud an ready to fight 4 this deen
And like a light in the night they all beam

Among them r those who r true an know their meeting of their Lord 4 sure
Who got prepared and turned away from the world's pleasure

Alhamdulilah I'm a black too
Let's talk of none if we h'v no clue

Shaytan in his destruction isn't racist
Nor does evil chooz just one race

So never understimate a whole nation
Coz some might be in the pious selection

Islam is mercy, peace and not fight
It's the truth, the light an 4ever bright
Let's 4give an in Allah's path 2gether unite

I'm not here 2 offend but if U think so, i apologize
Yaa-Rabb 4give us an guide us to paradize

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