Worrior or warrior?

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How many mornings must I awake to, with a heavy heart?
Laden with grief, misery or anxiety?
While the world suffers and suffocates
And I move freely that I even breathe with ease
But how is it so that when I exhale...
As if breathing out a whirl of mist in the air?
In the same way cold, snowy weather would?
Maybe there is this grief or worry
building up inside of me?
And I bottle it up silently.

There will inevitably come a "bad" day
Although no day can ever be "bad"
Such a bottle of concealed fears and tears
begins to shake and fracture... Break and shatter!
My heart perhaps really is broken.
I would not know for certain
But even with the broken pieces of my heart
I still love and hope in vain

Yes, I almost drowned in my own tears
And in this sea of uncertainty and worry
But I drowned it all out with the sujood to my Allah
Yes, in life I fell and almost broke down
But I picked myself up and brushed off all the dust
Fixing all the pieces back together
I'll try and build myself up again
In the same manner Allah only breaks you to build you
Gives you people that will love or hate you
To truly create and make you!
So for who I am today and who I shall want to be
I'll be everything Allah would love to see in me!

Inshaa'Allah, ameen.


"Yesterday I was clever,
so I wanted to chang the world,
Today I am WISE,
I will change myself."


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