saying NO

Submitted by : mizzcoolkat1 on Muslim Woman

you think you know me
why dont you just let me be
all those lies you told
thinking that it made you look bold
telling people i stink
just to make urself look.big
but still you.never stopped
you pulled my hair
teachers taught you were an angel how was tht fair
picnching me under tge chair
leaving.marks where no one could see
all becuase of that one day
becuase i said no to your advances
you made ppl think i was a slag
like a fag tht u smoke and throw away
thinking i was easy
well yiu did get a fright
you wont forgert that night
as tgat slap was full of might
was i tgt worthless as a human bieng
bieng a muslim women
i stuck to what is right
and i dont wanna start a fight
cuz God reward those who are patient
and i knw u gtting tht in.a hurry
the way ure carrying on ull be sure to have God fury

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