Abraham (Hanifan pbuh) the father of Monotheistic Nations

Abraham (Hanifan pbuh) the father of Monotheism
Abraham ( a Hanifan), a humble shepherd was to become the Patriarchal Prophet of Monotheism, three great nations, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, each to his own formal and distinctive division.
Monotheism, faith in a single, All-Powerful God, the sole Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of the universe. Hanif, the Creed, pure of heart, turning, submitting and repenting to the one true God here on Earth.
Throughout history this underlying religious tradition formed the solid foundation for them all, however the three religions developed differing beliefs and ideals, which was never Allah’s call.
The unifying concept of Monotheism and the Brotherhood of man is the law of Almighty Allah, love your brother as yourself, respect his choices, and forgive him his transgressions, both near and afar.
Islam is the only Monotheistic Religion that accepts both Christianity and Judaism as their brother, On the other hand Christianity and Judaism, condemns and denounces Islam and then persecute each other.
Abraham came from Mesopotamia and migrated west and settled in the area now known as Palestine. the Hebrew were the original Hanafar, following the path of Abraham, Monotheism in its prime.
The covenants made by Abraham with Allah were carried by the progeny of Abraham for generations, these were reinforced and reinstated by Moses; and Abraham became known as the father of the nations.
The bloodline of Abraham were dark of skin as was the bloodline through David to the Prophet Jesus, the Roman Christians portray the Lord Jesus as fair skinned, this way they created the hated racist thesis.
Abraham (Hanifan) was the Father of the faithful (Hanafar) all who had common ancestral homelands, the Palestine area, the Sinai peninsula, the Arabian peninsula the Mediterranean coast and islands.
Acknowledgement of the covenants with Allah and the Hebrew of the near east and their affirmation, laid the fundamental foundations for the unifying of these original Monotheistic religions and nations.
Almighty Allah, the Creator is actively concerned with the deeds and doings of all of His creatures, for they will be called upon to fulfil His Divine purpose, His laws, His decrees and their features.
Mankind must aspire to spiritual elevation, to be ranked through good conduct and moral excellence; they were to follow their individual scriptures and the teachings of their own Prophet with diligence.
Three geographical and historical world religions all deeply rooted in Monotheism that Allah provided, And remember when We gave Moses the Book and the Discrimination, that you might be rightly guided. (The Holy Quran: 2:54)
Sadly only one of these great religious bodies accepts the other two, their books and all of their Prophets, Islam, the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad (saw), the last Ummah, will survive against the devil’s puppets.
Mankind were to unify and all share a common belief in a living, self-sufficient, and ever-present God, most of mankind listen only to the devils tempting; they are disobedient and not humble men of the sod.
Written by Hanifan 06-02-2012