Advice to Muslims in the west

Advice to Muslims in the west

For Muslims living in the west
Suffering and being the’ victims
Of racists and their' Islamophobic comments and
The future holds nothing else' but confrontation

Mr and Mrs Non-Muslim
U don’t like us
That’s why u cuss
We don’t like your lack of' values
And' hence we don’t integrate fully
To your satisfaction

Don’t want to be u
U don’t want to be us
We can accept u as u are
But u can’t accept us
Unless we change

Who’s the intolerant?
Who’s the racist and supremacist?

Trying to impose
And commit cultural genocide
By making Muslims lose our identity

U feel sorry for us
While we feel pity for u
It’s true
Never the twain shall meet
Hence we don’t socialise together
In the pub and nightclub

U invited us here
Now you’re full of fear
We want engagement and discussion
While your politician’s abuse and insult
Name calling and scare mongering

What is it about Islam that u fear?

Is it the hijab, veil or jilbaab?
Is it the topee or beard?

Your media is supposed to be free
But it tows the government policy
Documentary and news article
Dissecting Islam particle by particle
Just like in the past when it attacked Communism
Coz people started to look for an alternative

Is it any wonder that we are suffering daily?
Looks and stares
Intolerable' on public transport
Words and violent actions
When we are outnumbered
Against our women and elderly
Even our kids get called names
From the mouth of babes

Brainwashed from birth
by parents who should know better
who are the extremists and preachers of hate now?

We will not be silenced
And forced to abandon our Islamic identity
And adopt your lack of values
Coz that is the road to disaster
Annihilation and extinction

The more u oppress us
The stronger we become
Unified and focused
Internal divisions forgotten

The future holds nothing
But confrontation
in this nation
Envy of the world
For free speech
we will fight words with better words
Insults and accusations
with intellectual refutation
but are 'you' ready to debate and discuss?

Violent attacks we will resist
And defend our honour
No turning the other cheek
Like the meek and weak
Lambs to the slaughter

The spirit of resistance and Jihad
Burns within our souls
Fanned by the words of the Quran
And the actions of our blessed Muhammad Saw

Islam is strong in the west
Converts and born again Muslims
Those who went with the flow
But now to Allah swt they bow

We’re getting large in number
Mainly youth and those coming back from slumber
And not just the old and elderly

Masjids packed
Like sardines stacked
Row upon row
Bowing, crying and making
Dua to Allah the almighty

We are Muslims in the west
Holding onto our values interacting
And contributing to this society

We realise that the future holds nothing else
But confrontation
And we are ready for the challenge
So bring it on
Enter the arena
With your ideas
Capitalism Vs Islam
And let the discussion and debate begin

Author: Showkot Ali