Analize lies lies after lies, a reply

Something i analize,
The prophet(saw) really prophetize,
That the girls one day will authorize,
Nakedness which islam has illegalize,
The prophet(saw) was correct when he prophetize,
That satan uses women to colonize,
The heart of men that easily energize,
When girls wants them to socialize.

Once upon a time a girl has westernize,
Sitting in front of mirrors she specialize,
Pink, yellow, red lips she colourize,
One hundred and one creams she immunize,
The powdering of coloured cheeks she maximize,
She wears her best dress that fantasize,
Bottom till top full of butterflies.

On the street she comes out and illuminize,
It takes no time for boyz to strategize,
How to tell this girl you glamourize,
A guy pushes on to hypnotize,
Oral discussions will computerize,
Continually you know how they finalize.

Sister, imagine if you islamize,
No guy no matter what will pressurize,
With hijab non of your nakedness visualize.

The solution is a husband if you sensitize,
And the midnight calling you should fossilize,
And stop the boyz that try to victimize,
You, your family and make you traumatize,
Because i wouldn't come later to sympathize,
It's not too late to become a nobel prize,
Surfing automatically in the paradize,
Alhamdulillah, Allah listens if you apologize.


This is a great reply and wonderful message MashaAllah, your writing is getting better keep it up. :)