Another Poem for Falasteen

Falasteen Falasteen Falasteen
Do you hear those children scream?
AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar
The soldiers' killing has become a routine
Clashin' blood from children never comes clean
It stains the hands of Israel's unseen
Arabs are seperated with walls in between
Children start throwin rocks, earlier than a teen
They've all just got the same dream
To live and see Falasteen free
Waitin' to raise our flag of colors that gleam
Colors that shine black, red, white, and green
America has become the worst enemy
Checkpoints go hard, never were they easy
Even with Quds identity you don't get by smoothly
And in Gaza people can't even leave in and out freely
People are starting to hurt in and out so deeply
Most of the world has become so greedy
Keeping secrets and tellin' lies to hide the real story
No one sees Falasteen's reality on the TV screen
No one sees how the police abuse
No one sees what some families lose
The word Arab or Muslim, Americans misuse
Put a change to thier the thoughts, they refuse
They've been druged by what they hear on the news
Media hypnotize thier minds and seduce
Will they ever see from a different view?
How many children need to cry?
And how many more young people have to get shot and die?
How much more time will it take for Israel to call its ties?
Without America, Israel will fall within a blink of an eye
Can't you see?
No one wants Falasteen to be
The Arab world has gotten so dark and mean
What ever happened to being a team?
The Arab World is not knowin' this theme
If we all get together we'll become supreme
So stop fallin' for the evils' scheme
Stop moving backwards downstream
And remember the muslim gene
Lets start lookin' at our bloodstream
Start movin' foward upstream
And Falasteen will redeem

Susie A.