Arrest the Prime Minister

Arrest the Prime Minister
a poem about Blair

For the rape of our sisters
He hasn’t done it directly
Too scared of Cherie
But sent his troops there
To act on his behalf
Directly responsible
They are taking his orders
Creating disorder chaos and bloodshed

Over half million dead
7/7 every day
And 9/11 every month
Blair and Bush both
Go on and on about fighting terror
While they kill and bomb innocents daily

Who’s the Terrorist?

Who’s the accomplice?

Above the law
Their mistakes and flaws ignored
UN looks the other way
Thousands die
And they wonder why
Muslims angry
Some ready to bomb fellow citizens in the west
To make a point

Arrest the Prime Minister
Both hands covered in blood
He loves his wife and children
Kisses and hugs before bedtime
A prayer to Jesus and hail Mary
Read a few pages from the bible
Then go to sleep without worry

Wake up in the morning
Give the orders
For illegal invasions another Crusade
Destroying families and creating widows
Killing fathers leaving orphans
Radicalising a generation
Full of hate
Not willing to discuss or debate
Picking up the weapons
Ready to kill
Seeking vengeance
For Muslim brothers abused in dungeons
Muslim sisters violated by Crusader soldiers

Arrest the Prime Minister
He aint got a conscience
His sons and daughter is safe
While other peoples kids die daily
Wounded ignored
No visits or media coverage
Yet more line up to die for Queen and country

Two million marched
He ignored them
Opinion polls say time to get out
He doesn’t care
His MPs say its time to go
He wants to stay until the end of the show
Make a bow
An encore
While Muslim blood continues to flow

Arrest the Prime Minister
Before more sisters are raped
More women are widowed
Our brothers killed for defending their honour
And innocent sweet children orphaned

Author: Showkot Ali