Aylan Kurdi

Another innocent body lies dead, on the shore
How much more tragedy? How many more?
Why does the world sleep amidst all this?
Turning the other way and just chasing bliss

Shame on those who caused so much distress
Destroying for their people any chance of rest
Forcing them to leave their roots, their land
And being blown around like grains of sand

And shame on those who shamelessly support
Such brutal regimes, with evil they consort
To evil they sell their souls for cash
Their character, so filthy like trash

When you sell weapons, what do you think happens?
They get used of course and homes are flattened
You put fear into hearts, limbs and lives lost
You can never, ever, count the cost

And you know every action has a reaction
And people to peace have an attraction
And a small child can tell you in simple letters:
When a place is bad, people move to where it's better!

So all those who fund fear and hate (weapons and war)
Remember the consequence always come to your door
Spend on peace and please don't support oppression
And by that help heal the worlds soul, it's tension.

Saqib Hussain
Author of Sweet Bird, free download from https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/566363