A Beautiful Poem called {Khadija}

Khadija, You are a Enchanting Blue Violet Flower

in the midst of Red Roses,

Your Upmost character, Inspires me to grow

much stronger in Faith, And much firmer in my dedication

Your words comfort me, though i shiver out of fear,

you remind me that the truthful shall not be wronged, and

of Allah's mercy, your tears are a cool blessing on my cheek.

Your Veil has hidden all of my shame,

Your beauty has caused me to re-appreciate

the signs of Allah swt.

Simply being in your presence, has fulfilled me in my purpose

You are that light of hope that I chase to escape the darkness

and misery of the cave.

If I have ever known true Love, it is as if, i have forgotten it,

I shall have patience until you teach me and i remember that which I have lost.