Beautifully black. Beautifully colored.

Color is light. Color is grace. Color is a garden.

Since when was white not a color.

Since when was white the other.

Since when was white not your brother.

You are no better than us. We are no better than you. You are a color like us. We are a color like you.

Color is a gift. Color is magic. Color is our skin.

Color is divine. Color is no mistake.

Color is just a color.

Color is a window.

Color is bliss.

Color is the Lord’s stage.

Color is alive. Color is eternity.

Color is noteworthy.

Color is original. Color is a story.

Color is extending.

Color is our breath.

Color is sunshine. Color is our life line.

Color is captivating.

Color is our wings.

Color is love.

Color is beautiful.

Color is you. Color is I. Color is he. Color is she. Color is us.

by: Najwa Kareem

February 2017

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