Behind the Veil

Behind the veil I am the queen..
I have a body that nobody seen..
Many people think I am oppressed-
And wonder how I got myself into this mess..

My veil is my cure..
And makes my heart pure..
It earns me my love from Allah my Lord..
And makes me strong against any sword..

Behind my beautiful veil lies..
My savior from the temptation of guys!
'Behind my veil,' I begin to say..
'Is where I shall forever stay!'

Written By: muslimahprincess (me!)


Mashallah such a beautiful poem, its encouraging me to wear Jilbab

~Ameera-tul-Jannat--> Aspiring Princess of Paradise~
Journeying on...


Brave sister!


Marshallah this is an awesome poem sister, i hope you have more to post :)

keep it up princess

lovely thoughts
short and sweet
i really appreciate
the way you present.