Some persons wanted Him to be killed
Others planned to tie Him up or to expel
Plans of polytheists of Ka’bah, He was revealed
He moved to Medina, with a mission to propel

Besiegers followed Him, to track
Tracking led them unto a cave
Searched with vengeance, to unleash a brutal attack
It was God’s unyielding kindness that came to save

Surprising to see was a spider’s web, engulfing the entrance
Cave’s entrance was also covered by an acacia tree
And a pigeon with eggs over her nest, in penance
All happened at once, as per Allah’s decree

Cave gave impression, as if never was visited by anyone
And also that none could have ever entered inside
Thus trackers driven to disregard the holy cave and gone
Though the Holy Prophet Muhammad stayed with aide

From the imminent danger, He was just a wall away
With Him withstood was the will of the ultimate
Later led to His landmark migration, on Allah’s way
From Mecca to Medina, with an assignment to actuate

Blessings put Him as the Prophet of God, universally
His move to Medina marks the beginning of Islamic calendar
He was blessed to found the Islam religion, immortally
In the Islamic theology, there is none to stand with Him at par

He is the ever ‘Glorified one’
Being the ‘chosen one’ He got God’s intimacy
With ‘words of the God’ He compiled the Holy Qur’an
In the everyday Islamic life, He is the living legacy

Fate of any person shall surely change
Like an ordinary merchant becoming ‘Apostle of the God’
Absolutely beyond an imaginable range
All happened as God gave His nod!

The mentioned miracles are not magic
They confirm how abundant was His blessing!
None can contest this, using logic
As His mission too succeeded beyond guessing!

This confirms, everything stays at God’s will
Anything can happen if God is pleased to destine
God is beyond scientific drill
Also with logic,you can’t discover the divine

Rather belief and faith promotes you to reach
Steady surrender to Him shows the path
Life of Prophet Muhammad, leads to teach
Of course! This is a time tested truth!

Above Poem is adapted from the eBook "BIRD OF PARADISE AND OTHER POEMS" by Mr.V.MUTHU MANICKAM. Copyrights reserved.


Alhamdu lillah. Marvelous. Wonderful. The omnipotent omnipresent great Almighty Allah chooses his select and dear ones to praise his apostle and friend Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa aalihi wasallam and he himself offers the words and ways. My friend has missed to include in his own poetic way the words uttered by the Allah's apostle to his companion when he murmured to him that the enemies have neared them "Don't get afraid, surely Allah is with us". Let God shower his choicest blessings on him. Mohamed Mohideen AE CPWD

Reading of the above Poem

An All India Mushaira was organised on 30-07-2016 by the Anjuman-e-Himayath-e-Islam, Chennai, as part of their 125th Anniversary Celebrations.

My above Poem was read by me in a big gathering of learned persons on Islam. The theme, events in the life of the Holy Prophet(SAW), as narrated in the above poem, Insha Allah, were well received by the audience.

Zukriya. Allah habiz!