Believe!.....(to those who disbelieve)

You ask for signs? You doubt the fire?
You search your soul and it's true desire.
You live your days confused and alone.
You hate the world and its angry tone.
You've witnessed hurt and lies and bad,
Can't comprehend the life you had.
You blame the one whose easiest to blame.
You blame God cuz you think He wont confront.
Your heart is aware of this pointless game.
You dodge the facts but its your own soul that you hunt.
Your seeking truth with your eyes shut closed.
You mocked your Lord while your conscience imposed.
You swore at believers though you envied their pride.
You disgraced your enemies when you were on their side.
You drink and eat and breath and sleep,
Without effort nor struggle but the pain that you keep.
You're free to let go when ever you please.
The door is locked but you have the keys.
All around you, above and below you,
Signs of Gods most perfect designs.
Your Lord is with you when you believe.
Just open the Book...the holder of signs.
Read,Read in the name of your Lord who created thee from a single clot.
Read to see truth and feel it in the broken heart that you've got.
Don't mock what you envy when you can have it all!
Don't hate life cuz you were too weak to rise from your fall.
Don't doubt the heart that beats for your chances...
But you still blow them off with no second glances.
Don't let pride and the past decide,
weather you're happy or completely dead inside.
Listen to your head for once today.
Your soul is yearning for your shell to pray.
It's time to rest, it's time to see.
swallow your hate, it's time to agree.
God is there, you were wrong.
You are weak and want to be strong.
We created war, not God , so know...
We destroyed earth with our selfish show.
We kill and starve the poor before us,
then expect our God to love and adore us?
Wake up and feel some shame.
You'd wanna be blind not to see who's to blame.
God gave you a law you chose not to follow.
So now we are paying in this man made sorrow!