Better late.. than Never!!

Better late.. than Never!!

Please dear brother can you listen to me??
One of these days, you will find out and see?
Each day will pass, one day you'll die!,
Yet you do not care, oh! Please tell me why.

Every day, we give you a warning
But still you're the same,

Each night, each morning.
In this world, you may have fun,
But from Allah, you cannot run,

When I tell you, you burst into laughter!
It's not that long until the Hereafter.

You think you're skilful, with songs and dance,
Still you don't care to give yourself a chance,

Allah is the One, that you should fear,
The One who is SOOO GREAT!, the One who is SOO dear.

You will see, as you don't care,
You will be punished? so just BEWARE!

You're healthy and wealthy, but still greedy!
You never stop to think about, the poor and needy.

With a shock, people stare,
And think isn't this man aware??

Because life in this world is too short
Soon enough Allah, will hold a hearing in court.

As you well know, life is a TEST!,
Only those who succeed will achieve the BEST!

How you want to live, you can chose,
But if you are good, then you have nothing to lose!