Blessed Palestine

Occupied Palestine, tormented soul
the dead don't envy the living
shadows haunting, fleeting reflections on the wall
ruthless uniformed tyrants roam the streets
deathly silence, but the restless heart beats
waiting tensely in the glistening moonlight
for the slithering tanks to come into sight
cold blooded murderers in for the kill
life for the palestinians stands still
sudden bullets, sporadically target civillains
terror state has killed millions
the smell of human flesh, hopelessly dying
tears of blood on stricken faces, helplessly crying
homes under 3 feet of rubble, voices screaming
behind the wall, zionists scheming
one-eyed beast out to fright
putting claim to what isn't their right
to the world they cover up and lie repeatedly
the media hides the reality of the tragedy
but we know and they can't hide
the fact this is nothing but manipulated genocide
(InshAllah, one day soon Palestine will be free, ameen)