A Bliss in Misery

A Bliss In Misery

In this almost barren land
Where life fears to grow
In the abandoned mountain tops
Where no bird makes home

The faint beam of a sunray
Spreads through the dark clouds

The shrouded mountains
Are cloaked in devilish hues

Through the dark storm
A strange light breaks
True in colour
Gentle in radiance
Clam in warmth
A tree grows

The skeleton branches of old times
Turned to stone
Break free of spell
Sway open, liberated

In an oasis of life
In a cloudless sky
Where no thick smoke billows
A mirage, a miracle

Serenity in midst of a gale
Hope in the circle of light

Through the sinister clouds,
A cliff rises
The Devil’s home?
Dark in glow
Cold in form
Blanketed by, clouds of shadow

A pond of silver mist
The creek of wild turned days
When death danced by with mirth
Times, now long gone
Replaced by new faint hope

To anticipate, to optimize,
A home, the creation of God
A symbol of God’s Might
A light, a mercy blessed
To the ungrateful below

Yet, from far away,
It seems forlorn
The forlorn hope
Of days yet to come
To climb down the mountains

In the blanketing sky,
A faint blue taints the sky
A bird,
A bird finally flies.