A Call For Unity

A Call For Unity

From Jordan to Tangier, from China to USA,
Even if we lie on the moon, our unity must stay.

Our shoulders must stick together, and so must our hearts.
We must have love for one anther, we must each do our part.

From Brazil to Zaire, from Quebec to Bahrain,
Our hearts must be together, disregard geographical domains.

Our faith must be deeper than blood, especially deeper than our nations,
This is critical for our brotherhood and this is no exaggeration.

From Tabruk to Sukkur, from Kabul to Sudan,
Muslims must unite, no matter what the name is of your land!

Let's give each other smiles, let's give each other good vibes,
Let's give each other support, regardless of our tribes.

From Norway to the Congo, from Mali to Chicago,
We are still one Ummah, and this is what we all must know.

Let's have mercy on each other, and lets do away with hate,
Let's stand and unite, and for unity let's not wait.

From the Arctic to the Sahara, form the land to the sea,
Muslims please wake up, this is a call for unity.

It was 'divide and conquer', that weapon brought us down,
Well let's get back up, we're still one Ummah regardless of our town.

From Muslim to Muslim, from this one to that one,
This is a call for unity, from unity please don't run.