A Change From Within - Ramadan

"I have sinned, therefore I am not perfect.
Ramadan has come so I shall forfeit,
My bad habits and sinful actions.
It's time for repentance, do it with passion.
The Quran is the revelation,
And Paradise is our destination.
God is what we seek,
But most fail because they are weak.
Islam is the answer.
Do it the halal way and you will capture,
Good deeds left and right,
because God has everyone in his sight.
No matter how good those past times were,
I want to change and this time I'm sure.
I'm giving it all up to become better,
A saint in the making, I'm becoming clever.
I know what's wrong and I know what's right.
God gave me this brain and I'm turning on the light.
Turning from the darkness into a place so bright.
Asseraat and Jannah is what I have in sight.
I ask for forgiveness for me and for you.
I'm not only helping myself, but surely you too.
Living my past life is a life living astray.
The life I'm living now, it's God who I obey.
Repent now before your time is up.
God forgives all, even the corrupt.
Time has passed and you still sin?
Why waste your time when you know you can't win?
Resist the temptations by all means.
Be sincere because life is not a dream.
But rather a test from Him above.
Die with His oneness and complete love.
Because surely only then,
the gates of Paradise shall open.
Recite the Quran because it purifies the soul.
Pray five times a day and you shall achieve your goal.
This heart was cold, but it is no more.
Ramadan has caused a system restore.
I feel new and closer to God.
I feel so safe, like a pea in its' pod.
Alhamdu-Lilah for everything that happened.
I hope you feel the change, I hope you feel it rapid.
This is my advice to you I've stated it lyrically.
Ask for forgiveness and please do it swiftly.
I hope you understand, I'm telling you softly.
Don't you get mad and don't you stop me.
It's verbal poetry that drives me so eagerly,
The Nur is shining and it's calling us properly.
Those who are wise will answer the calling.
And those who ignore, receive a punishment so appalling.
Open your mind, and open your heart.
I'm sure you can distinguish good and bad apart.
I'm painting you a picture, call it art.
To get my message clearly, you should read it from the start."

May Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings and sins.
--Mojahed Al-Ganim