Changing Time

Changing Time Can Change You ,
Do Whatever You Want To Do .
Changing Time Can Make You ,
Just Have Hope In Everything You Do.

Utterly Disgusting Things Can Happen ,
Reality Is Clean And Clear To You .
Nothing Is Going To Shield You,
Be Gutsy Enough To Defend What's In You .

Enjoy The Roller Coaster Ride ,
Your Not Going To Come Back To This Life .
When You At The Top Enjoy The Sight,
Never Let The Pride Take Away Your Delight.

Uncanny Paths Can Change Your Determination ,
The Marvels Of Life Are Awaiting .
Gratification Can Keep You Away From Humiliation,
The Impertinent Way's Are Disquieting.

Expand Your Vision For Nature's Sake,
Take A Glance Of Things In Motion.
Keep Your Faculties Working For Nature's Sake,
Enrich Your Mind Solely For A Pure Notion.

Changing Time Can Change You,
Be Ready For Adapting The Same.
Changing Time Can Shake You ,
Be Ready For Resisting The Same .