come back to your senses!

muslims! children are dying when no one cares about them,
mothers are crying for the damage cost by the kufaars.
men, whom do u expect them to watch over exccept the almighty Allah.
and u, you re afraid of the kufaars and hiding the truth from your self...
come back to your sense and face the chalenges of the world..

muslims! girls have no peace with their shade protection.the hijab,
walking down the streets they re having difficult times with shayadhin,the kufaar,
they re being raped by haram n some give birth to a a haram baby.
youth,whom do u give their responsibility of protection except the almighy Allah.
and u, you re buzy with smoking,dating,going to club and having fun with freinds,
come back to your senses and be aware of this world and whats is going around your muslim sisterz.

muslims! He/she is an orphan child,has no where to go,live in the streets,waiting for Allah,
looking around to see if anyone cares about the hunger that is going through..
wondering how that day will end up like and where to sleep if the night comes,
children! whom do you let that small child to give shelder except almighty Allah,
And u,you re thinking about the games wich are coming out this year n saving money to buy,
come back to your sense and try to save money so that u can save an orphan child.....

come back to your senses and ask Allah for his forgiveness inshallah ALLAh is a ghafour ar Ra7eem