Companions of Rasool

Warriors prostate and pray,
But the Quraish were far astray,
They plot evil day by day,
Punishing companions with hunger and slay,
Nevertheless they were brave to stay,
Launching three heroic scenes worth of display,
The first was of hamzah returning from play,
He slapped Abu Jahal until he made him lay,
Flat on his face banished with clay,
Second was the son of Mas’ud during his teenage,
He went for the quraish gathering to gain their rage,
He said “Ar-rahman…” and continued the page,
They dealt with him despite his young age.
The third was after the commandment to run away,
Down to Madinah in the absence of sun ray,
But our hero made his leave by the day,
Umar bin Khattab the hero make way,
Attack me if you wish to fall prey,
And wish lest your children find a place to lay,
And your wives widowed he continued to say.