Her body covered from head to toe,
Your minds busy deciphering why?
But that you shall come to know.
You’re wishing she would reveal her,
Legs; chest;
Maybe your eyes could filch a taste?

You remain fixated,
Gazing, intently at my sister in Islam;
Your mind screams oppression;
Injustice; Implemented by some,
Self-righteous bearded man.

You think she's imprisoned because
Her beauty isn't within your vision?
So you’d like to free her...
Enlighten her with a new dress sense;

Expose, what her loose clothing won’t reveal,
Because right now it’s only serving to conceal,
That which is your right to steal.
And your right to take,

But she has you standing;
Peering through the bars that she's placed.

My sister feels his eyes welded to her, She glances up,once;
Her eyes grip the floor. She’s felt, and she's heard this before...
And she thinks...
I do not blame you.
I do not blame you because they taught you that a womans freedom
was a garment that could only be sewn from the fabric of immodesty

So when you look at me
i become more than able to conceive
that your thoughts are just a product of society
and what it has mislead you to believe

An unconscious prisoner of the media, the radio and MTV;
Filled with elaborate pictures and descriptions of women you really shouldn’t see
So instead of feeling sorry for herself, my sister feels sorry for him
Because he lacks the knowledge to know that to glance twice is a sin.
But she sees it necessary to speak and to let him know that;

I do not do this for you and i do not do this for me
I do this for Allah and it is with certainty that He intended a woman to preserve her modesty;
So when I walk on the street men will not bother me
Because you see, there really is nothing to see
And I do not wish to fit into your narrow minded idea of feminine “beauty”.


Salaam. You're more than welcome to. I have already recorded a youtube clip for it and you can find my channel by typing in 'Noona Oh' to youtube.Jzk


Salaam! I absolutely love your poem! I make Youtube videos (not with me in it) but regarding Islamic values and such...I was thinking about posting your poem and making a short video out of it...of course giving you credit for your beautiful words...let me know what you won't be done without your permission of course! Jazak Allah Khair!

Wa alaikum al salaam. Thank

Wa alaikum al salaam. Thank you for your kind words. You're welcome to iA. I already have a channel on youtube, which you can find by searching 'Noona Oh' - you will find this poem there too :)


Beautiful writes! I hope to see more :)


MashAllah, I enjoyed reading this, keep up the good work inshAllah.