To: Daesh

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Brothers, sisters, this religion is based on compassion, mercy
How have some so-called "Muslims" become so cruel?
Beheading, shooting, abusing other humans
Desperate to overpower, command and rule

Such a great mercy to mankind was Prophet Muhammad
So loving, so generous, fair to everyone
Muslim or non-Muslim, he showed care and respect
So which path are you walking on?

He was someone people would go to for protection
You make millions run away in fear!
He brought peace and joy to hearts
You unleash pain and rivers of tears

Spreading fear and hate, thirsty for blood
Forcing people to leave their land
Whoever is involved in killing innocents
Is disgraced with blood on their hands

The believers are supposed to be like one body
If any part aches, the whole body is in pain
You destroy parts of the Ummah yourself
In this is only loss, there can never be gain

Save your souls, remember your graves
Soften your hearts, use your mind
Allah hates and will punish all oppressors
Reform while there is still time.