The Dawn Before The Dawn

Surah Asr, The Time, says surely the human being is in a state of loss except those who believe, who do righteous deeds and preach truthfulness and steadfastness. I felt that the entire practical recipe of a seeker was summed up in this one verse... and of course felt so overwhelmed by its beautiful conciseness that I had to write about it, :-), in a quite unconcise fashion

from a time of living
from a time of loving
from a time of giving

How did we transform
to a time
of self-destruction,
of neighbourly need rejection
of illusion that we know enough to be independent of oneness

dark days we have brought upon this sun rise,
so dark that they frighten even the night sky

its time to turn back the clock
to return from the brink of societal obliteration

begin with a belief that we are more than our individualities – does the cello supersede the orchestra
begin by practising the belief that our only preservation will be through doing righteous deeds
begin with a simple, yet immensely difficult, commitment to truth
and glue these altogether by steadfastness, in the face of tsunamis of temptation and cyclones of fear
stand your ground
stand for what you believe
and raise not just yourself
but the entire fabric of humanity

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In a manner unconcice yet a

In a manner unconcice yet a beautiful read
JazakAllahu khairun
We should love the words of the One that gifted us the best quality of words of accuracy that unfold into our hearts unbelieveable contentment.

"[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might ponder upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded." Qur'an 38:29


JazakAllah for the feedback.
In these times of darkness, may the Quran in our hearts guide us through the unveiling