How do you define death?
Is it the end of an existance or the begginning of a new breath
Is it the decaying of a body
Or the realisation that you were really nobody
Is it the relievement of agonising pain
Or the begginning of a grave punishment which bears no rain
Your whole life prepared you for this moment
But you spent most of that time engaging in temporary amusement
Forgetting that your day was soon to come
When the angels take your soul and label you as scum
You begin to ask yourself 'what did I do to deserve this? '
Oh poor soul, you chose the Dunya over eternal bliss
You neglected a day in which you were promised
La Illaha illallah flowed through your tongue, but were you ever honest?
Because honesty results in an action
But Islam to you, was more of a transaction
When times were hard and difficult
You turned to the one that can make your life more bearable
And thats the only time you would bow your head onto the floor
When you felt that you were deserving of something more
But, Now that the angel of death has knocked on your door
You start begging him, that you can change as if you were poor
But, You could have made that change if you took your hands out of your pocket
You chose to disobey Allah for a larger, maximised profit
So when the ugliest of creachers Munkar and Nakeer, interogate you for the life you lead
Terrified and petrified you would have chosen to remain dead
Because deep-down, you know of the judgement that is to come
Theres no place underground, where you can run
This is what you have prepared for this day
So, you alone bear the punishment of the blazing ray
Crying and panicking for failing the final exam
Only if these tears were shed during your time over-ground
This could have all been avoided
Only if you took notice
That this life was only temporary,
All that fun and amusement, becomes a painful memory
Only if you had another chance
Instead of living life as if you were in a trance
So take heed of this message, before this becomes your reality
Because death is something innevitable which you shouldnt take light-heartedly