Democracy for da fools

They killed in the past
Now they tell us to follow
Foreign polices
They divided and ruled
Talking about democratic solutions
The grave stones is our
Now our History
The blood is our morality
The pain strains upon our remains
While you tore nations
With your vast accusations
You deposit your shity lies
In the heart of the innocent
Fools Mind controlling dem
With your satanic media
Welcome to the era
Of indignity
I see you branching
Your lies, across the globe
Building your nest of
Militants from a to b
Pointing that finger to the Far East
I smell corruption
What’s for desert ?
Another pile of dead
Blood dripping from the body corpse

Victims of falsehood

How easy it is to be consumed by the glitters of this world and supposed freedoms. It is all a matter of time be4 Allah crushes the evil thats bursting at the seems of this planet.
Your poem displays anger towards 'democracy'....
until we muslims realise that they, the disbelievers will be our enemies until they accept Allah and His messenger, we are the fools!
Good write and welcome to the site

thank you

yh i agree the world is in a mess at the moment, but in the future hopefully that will change...