Devil In Disguise

He wanted me to burn in hell,
among the ones who fell.
But Allah kept me away,
he taught me about evil from day to day,
I thought ignorance was the best way.
He's the reason for my sins,
was he a friend or the path to hell ?
All he did was watch and laugh,
how was I so stupid to lose my path.
My Time Has Come I can see hell,
their's no doubt I cannot repent.
This was his plan all along,
he was no friend.
I understood that now,
he was the devil himself in disguise.
I can see hell,
O'Allah let me repent !

JazakAllah khair

Good skills you got Words of wisdom,
appreciate views and readers grabbing on to the positive
instead of the negative to go forward into life,
is a motivationally powerful piece for all teenagers, young adults and yes all the best in the contest! This is a winner,
you are talented, mashallah.
May Allah guide us all. ameen
May Allah protect us all. ameen
May Allah bless us all. ameen