Discussion with a young Muslimah

Talking to a young Muslim sister
I had the following conversation

It’s my choice
What I wear
Telling me how to dress aint fair
I express my individuality
And use my voice
Refuse to be controlled

I live for the here and now
I’m only young once
So I enjoy and do what makes me happy
Don’t care for the hereafter

Forget how my mother dresses
She’s old with one foot in the grave
And has to go with the flow
And act her age
That is not for me in this day and age

Fashion is what I must follow
Models and pop stars in glossy magazines
Even though in sin I wallow

Some wear the scarf
In so many styles
And with tight revealing clothes
Surely this is not how the Sahabiyat used to dress

I know I’m a Muslim
Don’t need to show it
It’s in my heart
And it is clean
In comparison to some I know

Society has many temptations
Most of the bad ones I avoid
Premarital sex and hard drugs
And it’s hard not to fit in
And give in to a little flirting

A little make up
And fitted clothing
Just to show my beauty
And get some attention
And maybe proposals

I’m not as bad as those who are lost
Who put everything on display
Like the pop stars on my Ipod
At least I retain some modesty
I tell myself
As I follow fashion blindly

But some refuse to compromise
And follow the society
And wear their hijab with dignity
I see they are sure of their identity
And purpose in life
And are sought after as wives
For their piety

These sisters make me think
Perhaps I too should change?
From following fashion to obeying Allah