Disease of the heart and its cure

I remember in my childhood,
I remember the hypocrisy and anger,
As I uttered my first word
I started counting the weight on my shoulder
Often fighting for the cure of my heart.

It was confusing from every angles,
but very simple to see,
I knew I could be anything I wanted to be,
I didn't know what to do, I just had to do
I chased my dreams and forgot about the nightmare
I am constantly being tested as I am unable to be free,

I have learned Allah's decree,
the good and bad attached to me,
Anyway even if I don't do anything,
How if I get caught by the angel of death,
When I relaxed at home to watch the free view,
I saw guns, drugs, womanisers, thugs and thieves,

I've seen my own evil,
well, I thought nobody was looking,
The aspects of the days of ignorance,
I had riches, desires and wishes,
Stories of gangs and violence
but, my heart was empty and my mind was congested,

the cure of the heart is a unique sensation,
in reality, I was searching for God,
and God gave me my sight and God showed me the light,
I have trials and tribulations,
but wisdom and benefits,
I decided to follow the message of mercy,

The submission of Allah's creations
I was traveling searching for guidance
between staying behind or continuing my journey,
It was a lesson from my own mistakes,
I am unable to be free,
My will power dares to struggle with my habits.

I disbelieve in all false gods except God,
I beseech Allah, the Lord of the Magnificent Throne,
I contemplate about my ultimate achievement,
The day whereon neither wealth nor sons,
Nothing will avail,
except him who brings to God a clean heart.


First off, thankyou for the lovely comment on my poem. JazakhAllah.

Secondly, this poem was very well written. It spoke to me on so many levels- very nicely put mashAllah.

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