Do You See

You see crowds of impatient people, they want to conquer the world,
You wonder: "You never felt so certain..." But suddenly, You find yourself searching on the road,
the sounds of war is an obstacle, the preconceived notion gets deep as the language falls away in the inner city is truth,
The myths and realities, the crime and popular culture, the times get youth
the rise of heroes but the rise of terror while gang rape followed by a fully automatic burst,
They live an adrenaline, the American dream as they sit and think and they cross by fear,
and our side replies with silence. the other side is calling with a crier
dead bodies are found in a alleyway, The the blessings of God society and show us the evil reformer
the gates are left broken into ashes,
between me and you and everything was said, the untold truth
The sake of personal gain opposes the sake of God,
behind the state, people are left death, dumb and blind,
the criminals are only playing the call of duty,
there are evidences but darkness and light.
Their focus are diseases of the heart,
a feeling, invoking the past,
manipulators are playing with magic,
addicted to desires and pleasures.
This is the "education" in this cold streets,
a common trait of the march for my despise.
I want to stay real, I kept away from all,
I wonder "trials and tribulations..."
My paranoia rolling with these guys,
My paranoia rolling with everything around.
Before, I understood this place,
and the reality of my heart conditions,
I had to be on silence,
like a thread, to hold in my mind,
withholding my tongue,
not withholding my heart and actions.
There are people who talk to talk,
while actions are different from person to person,
there are people who walk to walk,
a menace along the years, the poison of fakes.
But who are the people who walk the talk?
The knowledge builds a foundation,
the time resumes by chances...
what can we say or guess?