Dreams of a Muslimah

She prays and lives according to the Quran and Hadiths.
Dreams of a perfect life.
A life like Khadija, Aisha's and Maryam's.
A Life where she can live and smile.
A life where she passes all her tests Allah (swt) Sends her way.
Wants no man that'll lead her astray.
Wants a man with a faithful Imam.
Wants no man that'll stare unmarried.
Wants a man that lowers his gaze.
She reads the Quran daily.
Reciting it as best as she could.
Deen comes first.
Being Good to her Parents second.
Following the Sunnah of all the great Muslims and Muslimahs.
She dreams of love.
Wishes someday if she dies married
Her and her Husband's last destination is Jannah.

- Najma Dahir