Close this heart, all that pours out are feelings of impunity.
Stop this mind, wreckless is it in its wield over my responses.
Narrow-minded is this reaction, seeking only sensory gain in a world that ought to be so much more.
To the fire it leads me, smouldering all that's wholesome that I have been given.
Knowing its destruction and power to overwhelm, this passion soars eating towards the egotistical desire -
Blinding, deafening, numbing the goodness that seeks to fight back from the soul.
No more logic, no more reason;
Only the barrenness of the self; conquering from within, then obliterating the life without.
Darkening the soul, veiling the vision, rendering me lost and grey in a world of hues.
The point of no return transcended, self repentance is denied by lustful self destruction.

But even in the forest obliterated by ravenous flames, a sprout can burst through the charred soil.
A plea for help can bring down the healing rains from the heavens
And belief in a nurturing, bountiful force, far greater than the inferno
Can bring hope to the scorched battleground.
And even when self-forgiveness seems beyond the horizon of self-reconciliation,
A mercy can extend to help germinate
From the lowest of the lows
A seed of inner beauty.

Light, Love, and Mercy
That knows no bounds can raise me from the seared ruins.

All I have to do -
Is ask.

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JazakAllah for your heart-warming comment

Allahumma Barik! Powerful

Allahumma Barik! Powerful peace, a beautiful read. Barakallahu feekum.

Beautiful Words, wonderfully

Beautiful Words, wonderfully written!
Thank You for sharing!


JazakAllah for your warm sentiments